Buses in Malta were introduced in 1905. For years the colours and shapes of the Maltese Buses have attracted attention of locals and foreigners alike and buses are present in most old and recent postcards. Over time the Maltese Bus had come to form an integral part of the local landscape. In the early days buses were also decorated for special occasions and reflected the mood of the nation during historic milestones. The traditional Maltese Bus, known in Maltese as Xarabank ceased operations in 2011 when they were all replaced by a more modern fleet.

However, at Paramount Coaches some of these classic traditional buses are still being used for Wedding Functions and to transport tourists across the country, visiting various places of interest.



Do you want to make your Special Day memorable, save time and money and still obtain an impeccable service? Book a Traditional Maltese Bus for your big day and have all the family, bridesmaids and friends on our Iconic Maltese Bus for an unforgettable experience.

Transfers and Excursions

Using our Unique Vintage Buses, we at Paramount Coaches will ensure to give you an unforgettable experience for your special events, conferences and incentives and also for local excursions


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