An overview of our commitment and policy to reform corporate social responsibility in the local public & private transport industry.

As one of Malta’s leading providers of transport services corporate responsibility is central to our business.

We believe that our strong and growing private transport network is vital to the sustainable development of the transportation sector in the Maltese Islands. Investment in private transport systems strengthens the economy, creates jobs, reduces traffic congestion and air pollution, and helps tackle social exclusion.

We recognise that adopting a responsible approach directly contributes to the success of our business. Our performance on issues such as safety, service punctuality and ease of access are factors that help us grow patronage.

As a private transport operator, operating since 1944 it is vital that we play our part in tackling climate change and we work hard to reduce our carbon emissions. Improving our energy efficiency not only has important environmental benefits but it helps us to reduce operating costs.

Our commitment to high standards of corporate responsibility has also been recognised externally.

We are hoping that over the coming years we will become the first Maltese private transport company to be officially certified and recognised as a firm which takes action on climate change, as we constantly improve our fleet’s carbon emissions and invest heavily in new carbon reducing systems. We are constantly working on new ways to measure, manage and reduce our carbon footprint to hopefully actually make real reductions year-on-year.

It’s our responsibility to work with other providers and stakeholder groups such as local authorities to make it easy for passengers to use private transport. A smooth-running, integrated private transport network is the best argument for travelers leaving their cars at home. By working closely with local stakeholders we have also developed innovative ways to promote more sustainable travel patterns for not only holiday makers but locals alike.

Our current aims and for the future:

Malta's Greenest Bus Fleet
Ensure Fuel Efficient Driving
Improve Site Energy Efficency
Reduce in-coach, bus & cars as well as our bus depot's electricity consumption
Possibility of investing in alternative fuels.
Implementation of an environmental policy
Passenger Growth through technology.
Innovative Marketing.